Conor Jones

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Phone number: 800-767-0111 x 136


What year did you start in the industry? I started at Richmond International in 2004. 


What products do you typically sell? I trade plywood and any type of panel product from the USA and around the world.


What’s your favorite thing about working for RIFP? When I started at Richmond International, I was immediately impressed by a friendly work environment where everyone believes in working hard and having fun.  After almost 15 years, I’m still enjoying this fast-paced, exciting, and ever changing industry.  I continue to be motivated by the challenge associated with building my own business.  I love traveling, exploring, and working to build relationships all over the world.  


If you could tell your customers just one thing about you, what would it be? One of my favorite parts of this job is working with customers and mills to develop new products and ideas.  What drives me is helping my customer’s business succeed.  I know that when my customer succeeds, then I will succeed.  Every day, I strive to provide quality products, competitive prices, and loyal service. 


When you’re not at work, where could we find you? I do not like to sit still, so road trips, or backpacking trips are my favorite type of vacation.  When I’m not changing diapers, I enjoy golfing, skiing, playing soccer, running, and cooking.


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Phone: (804) 747-0111


4050 Innslake Dr # 100, Glen Allen, VA 23060, USA

    Fax: (804) 270-4547

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