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Richmond International is committed to supporting female leadership in our industry. We are proud to host an annual progressive workshop for female decision makers in our industry.

Some common traits that women bring to the table are: Drive, focus, commitment, and strong interpersonal skills. Women are good at influencing and counseling, because they genuinely understand and care about where others are coming from, so the people they are leading feel more understood, supported, and valued. Female leaders are known for their keen instincts and emotional intelligence. They understand survival, renewal, and reinvention. Women are curious but skeptical, optimistic, and are in passionate pursuit of excellence.

Our goals are to:

- Bring awareness that this industry is a good fit for women.

Provide a safe space for women to exchange experiences, ideas, and best practices.

- Gain a keen understanding of female values, why they matter, and what unique talents we individually bring to the table.

- Create connectivity of female leaders in the industry, all year long, with purposeful conference calls.

Inspire peer mentorships. Grow our knowledge and our network.

- Consider, collaborate, and develop plans of action for change at our companies.

- Challenge and hold each other accountable to make a difference for ourselves, our companies, and our industry.

- Be a good representative for our industry. Participate in trade shows and job fairs.

- Shine a spotlight on traits of successful women in the industry, in order to campaign our companies and our industry to hire and promote female talent.

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