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Boards are just another item that we proudly trade here at Richmond International. 1x4 through 1x12, #4 all the way up to C grade, whether you are looking to create something more industrial such as boxes or crates, or trying to make something more decorative such as trim and molding, we would love to help you. Talk to our team today to find out how we can best help you and your business’ needs.

Robbie Thornton

Lumber Trader

Robbie started with RIFP in March 2020, and immediately loved the industry for the relationships it allows you to develop with customers and colleagues. He appreciates how unique this job is, and in turn his customers appreciate his willingness to work with them to help make good buying decisions for their needs. When he isn’t trading lumber, you can find Robbie on the golf course or hiking, unless there is snow on the ground then you can count on him to be on the mountain boarding his way down.

Richard Morelle

Lumber Trader

Richard has been with RIFP since 2018, and fell into the industry by chance after meeting a trader on the golf course. He immediately fell in love with the comradery, the drive to succeed and the competition. Richard’s customers can count on him to bring them not only the best customer service, but to anticipate their every need whether it’s a buying a decision or market insight. When he isn’t trading lumber, Richard can be found spending quality time with his wife. 

Matt Bales

Lumber Trader

Matt began his lumber trading career with RIFP in 2018, and has loved the culture and opportunities it provides. His customers appreciate that he consistently keeps offers in front of them, shares valuable market information, and stays proactive on current orders to ensure they are receiving the best customer service possible. When he isn’t trading lumber, Matt can be found on the golf course when his shoulders allow, enjoying a cold beverage. 

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