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Douglas Fir

At Richmond International, we stand at the forefront of the wood products industry as leaders consistently asking ourselves - what other options can we bring to our customers? We are pleased to offer beautiful Douglas Fir as CDX plywood, dimensional lumber, dry and green studs, and other options for your lumber needs. Reach out to a trader today to learn more. 

Douglas Fir Team
Hayden Mater

Lumber Trader

Hayden started his career with RIFP in 2016 after actively searching for an internship which ultimately turned into his career. Hayden loves being a trader because no day is ever stale, and drives him to come out on top. This drive also fuels his ultimate goal to become an asset to his mills and customers as an extra set of eyes and ears in the market. When he isn’t talking about Douglas Fir or other products, he can be found at the beach, salt water fishing, building motorcycles, mountain biking or land speed racing cars with his father. 

Douglas Fir Team
Luke Brugel

Lumber Trader

Luke has been with RIFP since 2020 and was immediately draw in to the work hard- play hard culture of our team. Luke’s customers appreciate that he is willing to not only learn but adjust to how they want to do things and work just as hard for them to be successful. When he isn’t trading lumber, Luke can usually be found on the golf course, working out, or watching sports.

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