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Richmond International Forest Products LLC
Environmental Policy

As an industry leader, Richmond International Forest Products, LLC is committed to leveraging its influence in the marketplace to promote the conservation and protection of natural resources. Wood products from our forests provide vital benefits and are widely used in all facets of residential and commercial construction, furnishings and other applications. We recognize and promote wood as the only all-natural biodegradable, renewable resource that will provide for our benefit today and for our children tomorrow. 


Richmond International Forest Products, LLC is a wholesale company trading softwood lumber and panel products in the United States and Canada. Richmond International Forest Products, LLC is dedicated to building and enhancing professionalism within our sphere and providing a wide range of products and information to the customers we serve. We recognize that leadership in the forest products industry carries a responsibility to the environment and, in particular, to the world’s forests. Richmond International Forest Products, LLC actively supports those suppliers who use forest management practices that promote sustainable forests and result in long-term environmental, social and economic benefit.


Richmond International Forest Products, LLC endorses the significant efforts being made within the forest products industry to assuage the public’s environmental concerns through the development and implementation of scientifically based forest products certification programs. We view the wise and prudent use of renewable resources as a cornerstone to the world’s long term building products needs, and support those firms and organizations that embrace these practices. We define certified forest products and those materials that originate in forests that have been independently audited and certified as well managed by a credible independent third party. We intend to increase the purchase and sale of third party certified forest products when price and availability allow.


Richmond International Forest Products, LLC promotes implementation of and compliance with constructive logging laws in all global timber-producing regions. We categorically reject illegal logging practices in any part of the timber-producing world and support the establishment of laws and regulations that protect legal and sustainable trade in forest products. We urge all levels of government to enforce laws established to prevent environmental destruction caused by illegal logging. Richmond International Forest Products does not import any Plywood panels from China for flooring applications. All plywood panel imports from China are sold for non-flooring applications.

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