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The Richmond International SPF department is focused on building upon our strong relationships with both our customers and saw mills. This in turn allows us to provide the best combination of price and quality to the end user of the lumber that we trade. We specialize in trading Eastern SPF, Western SPF, and European SPF in all U.S. markets for delivery by rail and by truck. We look forward to the opportunity to form a long term partnership with you; to satisfy your SPF needs in a way that adds tangible value to your business.

Mike O'Donnell

Lumber Trader

Mike has been with RIFP since 1995, but started in the industry in 1981 while he was in high school. Every day he brings an open mind to work, and his customers appreciate not only his stellar customer service, but his market advice and offerings. When he isn’t trading lumber, Mike can be found outdoors golfing, grilling, or working in his yard and garden. 

Megan Schnizler

Lumber Trader

Megan has been with the RIFP team since 2015 after working for a paper company in Savannah, GA and then moving back to Richmond, VA to work as a project supervisor for a national home building company. Her customers appreciate her natural ability for problem solving, whether it’s a logistics issue or looking at product substitutions and options. She loves to help them in a way that brings them the most value in addition to getting to know them personally. When she isn’t trading lumber, Megan can be found spending quality time with her husband and daughter outdoors hiking as much as possible.

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Merchant Garnett

Lumber Trader

Merchant started his career with RIFP in June 2012 as his first job in the lumber industry. He realized quickly how small and unique our industry is, and has enjoyed the relationships he has been able to develop through it and looks forward to creating more. His customers appreciate that he is above all else transparent in his transactions, and will always act with their best interest in mind. When he isn’t in the office, Merchant can be found spending quality time with his friends, family, and two bird dogs, Moses and Popeye at their family farm, or near the water in Virginia. 

Ben Ralston

Lumber Trader

Ben joined the RIFP team in 2010 after growing up in the construction industry. Being surrounded by the wood and construction industry made trading feel like the natural choice. Ben loves the relationships and handshake contracts his job allows him to have, and is determined to do the right thing for his customer. Not only does he provide valuable insight into a global market, but wants to be an extension of his customers and run their business as his own. He can also be found outdoors pursuing his other true passion – turkey hunting, or spending time with his wife and dogs.

Richard Morelle

Lumber Trader

Richard has been with RIFP since 2018, and fell into the industry by chance after meeting a trader on the golf course. He immediately fell in love with the comradery, the drive to succeed and the competition. Richard’s customers can count on him to bring them not only the best customer service, but to anticipate their every need whether it’s a buying a decision or market insight. When he isn’t trading lumber, Richard can be found spending quality time with his wife. 

Adam Moring

Lumber Trader

Adam has been with the RIFP team since 2014, and loves the relationships that he gets to form with both suppliers and customers. He can be counted on every day to work 24/7 to bring his customers the best value in the form of market information, customer information and sourcing product. When he isn’t trading lumber, Adam can be found spending quality time with his friends and family, or shooting guns, fly fishing, and going to the beach.

Hayden Mater

Lumber Trader

Hayden started his career with RIFP in 2016 after actively searching for an internship which ultimately turned into his career. Hayden loves being a trader because no day is ever stale, and drives him to come out on top. This drive also fuels his ultimate goal to become an asset to his mills and customers as an extra set of eyes and ears in the market. When he isn’t talking about Douglas Fir or other products, he can be found at the beach, salt water fishing, building motorcycles, mountain biking or land speed racing cars with his father.