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Trader Trainees

Our current group of trader trainees are educated extensively under our experienced senior traders to learn not only about the lumber industry and the ever changing market, but how to be a successful and reliable partner for both their mills and their customers. They learn from and grow with the best in the industry while crafting their own unique styles that seamlessly cater to you and your business' needs. 

Kristen Rigsby

Trader Trainee

Kristen started with RIFP in 2015 and has worked in admin for the past several years, but has recently decided to change to the trading floor in 2022. She loves the close family atmosphere and the care & compassion of the company. When she is not at work, Kristen can be found spending time with her husband and children, outside enjoying the sunshine, or trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Michael Dunn

Trader Trainee

Michael started with RIFP in 2021, and was drawn to how business is conducted through honesty and integrity, and the in office competition. He can always be counted on to bring great customer service, valuable market info, and the drive to work his hardest every day. When Michael isn't in the office you can usually find him mountain biking at Pocahontas State Park, fishing for bass, or getting harassed at home by his dog, Leche.

Taylor Doyle

Trader Trainee

Taylor joined RIFP in 2021 and was immediately drawn to the industry because of the freedom that comes with it and the ability to create your business how you see it. Every day we can count on Taylor to bring his love of problem solving and willingness to learn. When he isn’t in the office, you can usually find him working on his car or exploring the beautiful city of Richmond. 

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