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Traffic Team

Our traffic team is made up of the masters of logistics and scheduling. When you buy lumber from our trade team, you can know that our expert dispatchers have it covered - from point A until its final destination in your hands. 

Do you have a transportation question for our team? Send us an email or give us a call so that we can help. 

Ken Ragland

Transportation Coordinator

Ken joined the RIFP team in 2010, but has been in the industry right out of college, and has loved it ever since. He has always been a big fan of logistics, and his goal every day is to be able to get people the products they need to keep improving their respective lives. When he isn’t dispatching traffic, you can usually find Ken hiking.

Stephanie Hopkins

Traffic Assistant

Stephanie joined the RIFP family in 2018, however she started in the industry in 2007. She immediately loved the diversity of culture and seeing that this was not just a boy’s club, and that women can do great in this industry as well. She loves her job because of the endless opportunities for advancement and at the end of the day at RIFP we embrace each other as family. When she isn’t dispatching traffic, Stephanie can be found at home cooking and spending quality time with her family.  

Laurence Balagot

Transportation Coordinator

    Laurence started his journey with RIFP in 2005, and can always be counted on to bring a positive attitude to everything he does and wherever he goes. When he isn’t dispatching traffic, Laurence can be found spending quality time with his wife and family at home, the soccer field, or playing basketball.  

Preston Ragsdale

Traffic Assistant

Preston joined Richmond International in 2022 with 20 years of transportation experience, and was drawn to the role because of the different aspect he had not experienced yet. He can always be counted on to bring a positive can do attitude to work everyday. When Preston isn't in the office you can usually find him on the golf course or spending time with his family. 

Interested in Joining Our Team? 

We always need a few good folks to work with our team. Please take a look at our current openings and send your current resume/CV if you think you would make a great fit. 


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